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Kasai mill
   The Kasai Seisakujo thinks that the workplace is a dojo studio of the human being formation for improvement of the human nature of our employee. It is an important problem that securing of appropriate profit that is the aim of the company and a product brought about in us have all a high quality.
However, securing of profit, improvement of the productivity must not be to alienate human nature.
  I work hard at technical improvement to raise productivity and think that it is the road of the laboratory of self inscription to challenge towards an aim to raise profit.
  It is healthy at the home and is the member of the close family, and an excellent employee must be a member of society who is good in a community.
The first aim of the Kasai mill gives priority to all and assumes improvement of the human nature an idea.
   I was engaged in the production of the automotive switch since its formation in 1957 and carried a bird of the auto industry. I came to have the start-to-finish production systems from parts production lined a high technique now to a finished product. I make use of the merit to the maximum and supply the product which is high quality, and is high-precision low cost to the market in severe international competition and get thick trust from the in front of the visitor. I always challenge high technology development toward the future and will continue shining as a technology company more than the times.
President Izumi Kasai
Kasai mill
Nishinoho, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi Fujitsuka 71
TEL. 0568-21-0424
FAX. 0568-21-1008

[ISO information]
A registration document number: JQA-EM6780
A registration day: January 13, 2012
A registration document number: JQA-QM5953
A registration day: December 28, 2000

1.Production of various switches for the car
 Vacuum switch door lock switch Gleichschaltungen order switch kind for the outer mirror control switch kateshirampusuitchi steering switch parking switch opener switch, fuel system
2.Production of parts to injection mold
 Insert molding, two colors of molding
3.Production of precision press parts
 Terminal, terminal contacts
4.Production of electric wire processing parts
 Car wire harness
5.Labor saving apparatus, design ・ of kakushuchikogu
 Automatic assembling machines

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