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Company policy

Company policy

Improvement of physical condition is tackied.
I work on the improvement of constitution of the company limitlessly.

We perform the production of the car electric equipment product under the strict quality control from the production of molding parts, cutting parts, electric wire parts press parts to a base by production engineering such as the research and development of the die, chikogu, labor saving machine and automatic assembling machine, the design production precisely precisely to support the needs of the switch for the diversifying car precisely.
In addition, I push forward automation of the parts production, automation of the assembling positively and act for stabilization of the quality and improvement of the productivity more and it is timely and provides a high quality, a product of the low cost to a customer and gets a high evaluation.
1. I do omoi in what receive life in this life, and is made use of every day and act to load doing good secretly today on a day.
2. I think that today is the last day living in, and the work processes it for reason and contacts with a friend with love and I provide all energy on a day today and work hard.
3. I make an effort to acquire ability for world occupation to work as a top professional everywhere.
4. I dig secret ability of the self and challenge the limit of the ability.
5. I always train the body and keep an action and thought of the self in mind to have healthy mind toward the healthy body to admonish itself and make an effort for the construction of the bright warm workplace as a fighting industry.

Company idea

Kasai mill
Nishinoho, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi Fujitsuka 71
TEL. 0568-21-0424
FAX. 0568-21-1008

[ISO information]
A registration document number: JQA-EM6780
A registration day: January 13, 2012
A registration document number: JQA-QM5953
A registration day: December 28, 2000

1.Production of various switches for the car
 Vacuum switch door lock switch Gleichschaltungen order switch kind for the outer mirror control switch kateshirampusuitchi steering switch parking switch opener switch, fuel system
2.Production of parts to injection mold
 Insert molding, two colors of molding
3.Production of precision press parts
 Terminal, terminal contacts
4.Production of electric wire processing parts
 Car wire harness
5.Labor saving apparatus, design ・ of kakushuchikogu
 Automatic assembling machines

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