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News about the September, 2021 degree addition shutdown accompanied with the in front of the visitor operation stop
To business partner companies concerned
We would like to express our sincere thanks for your continued support.
 Well, we with in front of the visitor operation stop
I operate it additionally and stop this month in the following schedule.
 I apologize to business partner for the inconvenience a great nuisance,
I hope that I have understanding and cooperation.

    [shutdown day]
              Friday, September 24, 2021
 Depending on the future in front of the visitor operation situation
I add what I may change.
Kasai mill
Nishinoho, Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi Fujitsuka 71
TEL. 0568-21-0424
FAX. 0568-21-1008

[ISO information]
A registration document number: JQA-EM6780
A registration day: January 13, 2012
A registration document number: JQA-QM5953
A registration day: December 28, 2000

1.Production of various switches for the car
 Vacuum switch door lock switch Gleichschaltungen order switch kind for the outer mirror control switch kateshirampusuitchi steering switch parking switch opener switch, fuel system
2.Production of parts to injection mold
 Insert molding, two colors of molding
3.Production of precision press parts
 Terminal, terminal contacts
4.Production of electric wire processing parts
 Car wire harness
5.Labor saving apparatus, design ・ of kakushuchikogu
 Automatic assembling machines

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